Demetri is cast into Netflix’s Black Mirror

Demetri has joined the cast in Netflix’s new season of Black Mirror in a special episode directed by Joe Wright and staring Bryce Dallas Howard, Alice Eve, and James Norton. The popular anthology series, written by Charlie Brooker, premiered on Channel 4 in 2011 and satirically explores humankind’s relationship with technology, often with terrifying results…. READ MORE

February 25, 2016

Demetri narrates Nepal Quake documentary for Smithsonian

Airing from June 8, 2015, on the Smithsonian Channel is Nepal Quake: Terror on Everest. Demetri narrates this documentary that through eyewitness footage and survivor accounts pieces together the science behind the tragedy of the recent earthquakes that hit Nepal. Demetri is also in the upcoming Universal film EVEREST, playing Stuart Hutchison, one of the… READ MORE

Everest set to open Sept 18

The feature film, EVEREST, will open in theatres and IMAX on September 18! Today the Twitter account for the Universal film revealed the poster. Everest chronicles the 1996 tragedy of climbers who attempted the world’s highest peak. Demetri plays Stuart Hutchison, one of the climbers who became instrumental with rescuing people from the mountain. A… READ MORE

Demetri stars in Serial Thriller: Angel of Decay

Demetri stars in Investigation Discovery’s first scripted drama. Premiering this Sunday, June 7th, at 10pm (9pm Central) on Investigation Discovery is Serial Thriller: Angel of Decay. It’s a three part true-crime story which is being kept under wraps until it airs over three consecutive nights. Until June 7th, you can get some clues about the… READ MORE

Nixon’s The One on My Damn Channel

The comedy series Nixon’s the One is now airing on My Damn Channel! All six episodes are available to watch from this autumn. The series charts the amazing and hilariously true conversations President Nixon and his staff held behind closed doors in the Oval Office. The dialogue is verbatim from Nixon’s secret recordings! Harry Shearer… READ MORE

Demetri plays at the Almeida for Mr Burns

Demetri will be debuting at London’s internationally renowned Almeida Theatre this summer with the European premiere of the hit play MR BURNS by Anne Washburn. Directed by Almeida Associate Director, Robert Icke, Mr Burns “asks how the stories we tell make us the people we are, explodes the boundaries between pop and high culture and,… READ MORE

Demetri scales the film Everest

Demetri is currently filming on the feature film EVEREST, produced by Universal Pictures, Working Title Films, Cross Creek Pictures and Walden Media and directed by Baltasar Korm├íkur. Everest dramatizes the 1996 Mount Everest disaster that resulted in the most deaths on the mountain in one season. Demetri plays Stuart Hutchison, one of the climbers in… READ MORE

Nixon’s The One on Sky Arts HD

Demetri stars in the new comedy series NIXON’S THE ONE premiering on SKY ARTS January 30, at 9pm. After the success of the one off TV special, five new episodes of President Nixon in the Oval Office will reveal more amazing and hilarious conversations held behind closed doors during Nixon’s presidency. The dialogue is verbatim… READ MORE

Demetri stars in Wichita

Demetri stars in the psychological horror film, WICHITA, which has just commenced shooting near Aspen, Colorado. Demetri plays Clark, one in a group of television writers who embark on a writing retreat in the woods to salvage a children’s TV show. Slowly they become entangled in the head writer’s creeping descent into madness as he… READ MORE

Coming out in Autumn 2013

Two films Demetri is involved in are released this autumn. The first is the comedy AUSTENLAND directed by Jerusha Hess and based on the novel by Shannon Hale. Demetri plays the annoying ex-boyfriend, Jimmy, to Keri Russell’s Jane Hayes. This film premiered at Sundance and was picked up by Sony Classics. The second film is… READ MORE