Demetri has made his mark across a wide range of voice character work.

He has voiced the lead in major computer game franchises such as KillZone and Driver, and recently voiced Felix Leiter in the latest official James Bond game.

The demos below reflect the vocal performances he’s given to animation, commercials, and other narrative works.

Jim Morrison

Playing Doors frontman, Jim Morrison, in the BBC Radio 4 play Cemetery Confessions

Bogart poem

Reading poem "Bogart" for BBC 4 Poetry Please

Coors Lite

Comical US announcer style voice.

Criminal Minds

Demetri voices a deranged killer for this UK radio spot

Driver: San Francisco – Computer game trailer

Demetri narrates Ubisoft's hit game as Tanner, the lead character.

The Day After Tomorrow – trailer for E4 premiere

Hollywood style trailer narration for TV premiere of the film, The Day After Tomorrow