Over the years Demetri has lent his voice to ads and campaigns of some of the most internationally recognized brands and companies.

Below is his current Commercial Reel and his British/Transatlantic reel, plus key individual spots and trailers that give examples of the warmth, edge, and vocal versatility he brings.

Commercial showreel

British-Transatlantic Showreel

Skype Manager Infomercial

Friendly, warm voice on Skype's business campaign and training ads for Skype Manager


Natural voice for a car commercial.

Coors Lite

Comical US announcer style voice.

Criminal Minds

Demetri voices a deranged killer for this UK radio spot

Driver: San Francisco – Computer game trailer

Demetri narrates Ubisoft's hit game as Tanner, the lead character.

The Day After Tomorrow – trailer for E4 premiere

Hollywood style trailer narration for TV premiere of the film, The Day After Tomorrow

HTC ad

Transatlantic accent for HTC ad

Tropicana TV ad

Demetri's warm, natural voice on the famous "Good morning, San Francisco" Tropicana TV ad